Three Generations

My grandmother’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day, and so I was with her and my mother for a long weekend.  For her birthday, I bought her a pedicure, but thought she might like her nails painted, too.  She used to chew them down to nubbins, so I figured since she has some nails now, she might like them all dolled up.  Neither of them have long nails so there wasn’t much to file, and they both have super short attention spans, so it was hard enough getting them to sit still! (Hi mom. I know you’re reading this).

This was my practice run a few days ago, and I had to take the picture when I found some sunlight, at which time I only had a random OPI bottle with me.  I used Revlon Popular on the plain nails, which is a cute opaque pale pink with tiny silver and silver hex glitter.  I used OPI DS Extravagance on my index finger, Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black for ALL of the base hearts shown, and topped it with NYC French White Tip.

Props again to Jane at Nailside, as she has a very simple to follow tutorial at

For my mom’s nails I used a color from OPI’s Holland collection that I just picked up, Dutch Ya Just Love OPI? It’s a lovely smokey purple with gold flecks…it looks brighter in the picture but there are swatches of it everywhere now if you want a better idea of how it looks.

I did her accent nail in Chanel Graphite with OPI DS Extravagance for her heart.

Grandma got Gouda Gouda Two Shoes, another Holland OPI, and her heart was also DS Extravagance (it’s a gorgeous color, I would wear it all the time!)

Finally I did my nails again, this time with two coats of I Don’t Give a Rotterdam!, also from the Holland collection.  It is a beautiful color and has lasted three days with no chips and very little tip wear with just one topcoat of Seche Vite.  My hearts are done in Chanel Graphite and OPI DS Extravagance.  I had such a fun time with this manicure! I love drawing hearts on peoples’ nails!

Hope you enjoyed!!!



4 thoughts on “Three Generations

  1. am1ec says:

    Very cute. i am sure they loved being pampered 🙂

  2. Pam Robinson says:

    We did love being pampered….. I got tons of compliments on my hearts 🙂

  3. i LOVE opi’s ‘i don’t give a rotterdam!’ got a mani with it a month ago, with opi’s ‘save me’ glitter on top. i’ve been meaning to buy both since. 🙂 the hearts are so cute!

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