Sonoma Nail Art Polish!

Yesterday I drove my pretty little nails over to Healdsburg to Tallulah, a boutique that sells Sonoma Nail Art’s handmade polish! And I got to meet Ms. SNA herself as she was there with one of her newest shades of polish – what luck I have!  Her nails looked amazing as always, with an adorable octopus on her ring finger. They can be seen here 🙂

Having completely missed her Etsy sale (mostly in hopes of driving over and buying them in the store), I was glad the store had 7 of her colors in stock. That includes “Tallulah,” a glitter made exclusively for the boutique.  I did swatches of the colors I picked up this afternoon and was thrilled with the results!  These are one coat swatched over OPI Alpine Snow – Matte unless otherwise noted.

Here is Sonoma Sunset, a lovely pink, blue, and purple glitter of various sizes with some fun square purple glitter thrown in.  I like them to look random where they fall, but if you like things a bit symmetrical, you might have to push them around with the brush to satisfy your OCD!

Love the name, Pinot Envy, did not love the polish.  I used a bit of thinner but it was still very thick and sticky and had HUGE hex glitter in it which stuck in the brush bristles. The base is an orange-y color and looked awful over white, so I swatched it over Sinful Colors Timbleberry.  The small glitter in it is a gorgeous copper and the large squares purple. The giant hex glitters (see pinky!) are scarce and are the same copper as the small glitter.  This is the only color I honestly didn’t like.

Tallulah is a lovely rose gold glitter with some small pink and orange glitter thrown in with larger square rose glitter, and small and medium yellow gold hex glitter. This is just lovely and I’m sure looks good over many colors.  This polish was a dream to work with!  My understanding is this was made exclusively for the shop Tallulah, and the owners had a hand in picking the finished look – great job ladies!  All around great glitter polish!

Wine Country Wedding is a gorgeous micro and small white glitter in a slightly shimmery base.  I swatched it over Revlon Mysterious, not initially realizing the shimmer this polish would bring.  Gorgeous!  This is two coats, as I wanted a few more bigger glitters showing. This would look great as a gradient on black for an interesting twist on a French.

This was actually the first polish I swatched and was one of my favorites.  A subtle gold base with gold and teeny scattered holo glitter, this would look perfect over just about any color. Bubble Room’s formula was perfect as well and although you didn’t get the magical holo sparkle of it with indoor lighting, it still is a lovely shade.  Probably a staple color for me now, I see this going with just about everything!

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was just as magical on my nails as in the bottle.  I knew this would be a hit for me, because I love blue and green together, but it was even better on my nails than I expected.  I added a little thinner as the top of the bottle was a bit goopey, but that solved the issue right away.  Tiny blue glitter with small square green and large green and blue hex glitters are a great combination here and look lovely on white. This was my favorite until I got to the last polish…

Now, I knew this would be great simply because I’ve been pining after Lynnderella’s Connect the Dots for a while now.  But the added red glitter here along with the black and white bars, dots, and hexes were perfect! This had a clear base but I wanted to see each color glitter so I swatched it over Orly Rage.  Black and white and “read” all over? Sonoma Nail Art, you nailed this one.  LOVE!!!

So to recap…met awesome nail art idol, got to buy her handmade polish, spent the afternoon putting it on and hoping for sunlight.  Awesome weekend. The only question is…which one do I wear first?!!



4 thoughts on “Sonoma Nail Art Polish!

  1. Sonoma Bento says:

    It was great to meet you too! And I am sorry about the Pinot Envy. I am actually reformulating that one and I would love to send you a replacement bottle if you would like. I wear this over vampy reds and purples (even browns) for a more dramatic look. Please email me and let me know your address so I can replace the bad formulation with a better bottle.

  2. Paulina says:

    Love your swatches! I just got 20,000, Tallulah, Sunset & Gazette from Tallulah. SUPER excited. Nice to see another NorCal blogger, too!

  3. leslie davis says:

    Ohhhh I’ve been building my collection slowly but surely with the Etsy restocks but Tallulah…… *sigh* I have such a deep love for Rose Gold. Why do I have to live in Florida?! Haha great swatches!

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