Blue Swatches!

I have a few blues to show you today…I apologize in advance for some of the photos but they are older swatches with a) shorter nails b) crunchier cuticles and c) more stuff in the background (usually my backyard!)

Here we have Barielle Berry Blue, a dark blue creme that was thin and wound up all over my cuticles.

I added Kleancolor Blue Eyed Girl for a little pizzazz…

I love that glitter.  It doesn’t require you to place the glitters either, they are fairly even.  My only complaint is the smell, like most of their polish it stinks!

Revlon Mysterious.  It looks frosty here but it’s just the cloudy sunlight, it has some shimmer but is a great shade of blue.

Finally, something I picked up at Claire’s this week…my new favorite blue.

This is Claire’s True Blue which went on thin and streaky but three coats made it a gorgeous bright blue.  I added OPI Last Friday Night all over the nail and then did a sort of gradient with Claire’s holographic topcoat which has no name.  The sun disappeared before I could get a sparkly shot, but this scattered holo was GREAT!  Love.



One thought on “Blue Swatches!

  1. Kellie says:

    The last picture looks like you dipped your hand in some sugar or salt lol.

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