Claire’s/Colorclub Glass Fleck

We don’t have a Rite-Aid here, so while on a trip I stopped at one to check out their Color Club polishes.  I ended up buying a few.  The only one I got from their “Take Wing” collection was Metamorphosis, as I wasn’t sure about the coverage of their glass fleck polish.  After reading some reviews and checking out swatches, I wish I had picked them all up!  Then I hit Claire’s to find their Candy Shop polish and discovered that Color Club makes polish for Claire’s.  And they have basically done their “Take Wing” collection (swatched here by The PolishAholic) at Claire’s as the “Starstruck” collection (couldn’t find swatches, but their website shows pretty good pics of the bottles).  I found them at Claire’s for $6.50 each but they were having a buy two get one free sale.

I don’t have the colors to compare for dupes (do we even need to? It’s the same company, I can’t imagine they made a second set of colors), but I have done a mani with some from Claire’s, plus one Take Wing and a Zoya polish.  At any rate, I’m loving the sparkly glass fleck colors, with a hint of duochrome to them! Gorgeous.  They also look great layered over black!

From thumb: Claire’s Starstruck Flying Saucer, Little Dipper, and Blast Off; Color Club Metamorphosis, and Zoya Mimi.


I would love to hear your take on these colors – do you have both brands?  I hope you enjoyed this investigative, hard hitting nail polish journalism.



3 thoughts on “Claire’s/Colorclub Glass Fleck

  1. sugarmitten says:

    Mimi was in my Earth Day haul, such a pretty color! I almost wore that one today too!

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