White Texture and Ruffian

So I added Nicole by OPI White Texture over my spring skittle mani from last time…

I really wanted larger cracks with more space between them, so I probably needed a slightly thicker coat, but I’m always afraid that I will put too much on.  I’m not really a crackle fan, but around Easter I saw a mani done like this with white, and I loved it.  I named these pics “White Skittle” which makes me wish they made white Skittles.  Like white Airheads, you know, the “Mystery” flavor…yum.

Plasma Plays in 21 Ways!

I’ve been avoiding this.  The Ruffian.  Cute on others, annoying to do.  I really need some of the French mani tape strips or something to pull this off with pretty lines, but alas.  And I used colors that I thought would be cute, but the gold polish was still damp and I should have let it dry, and the blue seeped into my cuticles and refused to leave.  So you only get one pic.

I used ChromiColor Golden Nugget (this is a REALLY old polish, possibly from Target?) and Sally Hansen Navy Baby.  I thought about making it matte but tbh I was already removing this mani as the camera was turning off!

Check out Instagram if you haven’t already.  I’ve been taking random pics of my less blogworthy nails and posting them there (wickednails).  It keeps me entertained and I have some awesome followers, thanks guys 🙂



One thought on “White Texture and Ruffian

  1. Nail Diva says:

    Love the White Skittles!!

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