Chanel Graphite and OPI Number One Nemesis Compared

I’ve seen a few posts comparing Chanel Peridot and OPI Just Spotted the Lizard (Spiderman collection), but I couldn’t really find any showing Chanel Graphite and OPI Number One Nemesis, also from the new Spiderman collection.  So I bought N1N and did a little testing.  Check it out and decide if you need both!

Just from the bottles (Chanel on the left and OPI on the right), OPI looks a bit darker.  It simply doesn’t have quite as much gold sparkle, and appears very slightly darker on the nail.

In the sun, Graphite (G) and Number One Nemesis (N1N) are remarkably similar.  My camera couldn’t quite capture the subtly darker tinge to N1N.  The difference in the sunlight was rather insignificant.

It was indoors, as I was applying the polish, that the biggest difference between the two was apparent.  In the sun, both are so gold and sparkly you don’t notice the difference in the sparkle, but indoors, under artificial light, you notice that Chanel Graphite has just gold sparkle.  OPI Number One Nemesis has teeny holographic sparkles, so now and then indoors you get a rainbow sparkle from the polish rather than solid gold.

It was really only in blurry pictures that I was able to photograph the multicolored sparkles…notice that Graphite shows mostly gold glitter and Number One Nemesis has a variety of colors.

This is two coats of each.  Chanel Graphite is a bit thicker, but both had solid coverage in just two coats.  Additionally, Chanel dries very smooth, as though it has a topcoat on it, while OPI has a bit of a grit to it.  Not a big deal if you plan to use a topcoat anyway.  I think the differences between the two are small enough that one might buy OPI over the spendier Chanel polish…

Either way, I love this color.  I think you need one or the other!



One thought on “Chanel Graphite and OPI Number One Nemesis Compared

  1. judit1661 says:

    Revlon Carbonite is an exact, dead on dupe to Graphite.
    For the diff of $20, the OPI looks great!
    Thanks for sharing.

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