Brights: Zoya Arizona, NYX Chick Lit, OPI The “It” Color

I have a sort of rainbow of bright swatches to share…I really love bright colors and can’t really fathom putting on anything dark right now.  So if you don’t like eye popping colors…well, hopefully you’ll see why I love them!

Zoya Arizona is from their Beach and Surf collection.  It is a creamy orange which looks brighter on my nails than in the bottle.  I used just two coats for this, and it went on smoothly.  Although it’s a plain tangerine color with no glitter or frills, it looks great on.

Next up is a polish I had forgotten I bought (oops) awhile ago from BeautyJoint.

NYX Girls Chick Lit is a very red/pink toned orange with gold shimmer. This was just two coats.

You could definitely see brush lines because of the shimmer, but they weren’t terribly noticeable, especially in the shade…

Next up is OPI The “It” Color, which is a lovely orange tinted yellow.

It looks a bit more orange in the shade, but the above photo is much more color accurate.


Finally, I added a polish I got from Icing (you know, Claires’ sister?) called Peachy Keen.  It looks like a cool jelly with glitter suspended in it, and it smells like it glows in the dark, you know? That smell?  Alone this polish is goopy and dries slowly, and the color is so thin it takes about 4 coats to really start to cover the nail.  I have a few other colors of this same polish, and they are great over other colors but not really great alone.

This is one coat over The “It” Color.  I didn’t use a topcoat so it looks really lumpy, but as you can see…

…the glitter was actually laying pretty flat.  Sorry for all the shiny cuticles, but they looked so dry without the oil that I figured shiny was better than crackly!

Stay tuned for more bright colors of the rainbow.  I went a little crazy.



2 thoughts on “Brights: Zoya Arizona, NYX Chick Lit, OPI The “It” Color

  1. Great colors, I might have to add some to my polish collection.

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