Orly: Feel the Vibe Swatches

Happy Memorial Day!

I picked up the Feel the Vibe collection last week and finally had time and sunlight to do swatches!

This collection includes four brights plus a white and black, which according to their website, are both for layering.  More about that at the end…

Dayglow is a gloopy white with a blue shimmery flash in the bottle that is nowhere to be found on my nails.  This color is a mess, it doesn’t look interesting on its own and I had to use three lumpy coats to eliminate streaks.

After three coats, it was bumpy, and that doesn’t look good at all, especially when you go to layer brights over it.  Unless you buy this as a package deal, skip this color and use a different white if you want the brights to pop with fewer coats.

See that blue in the bottle? Oh well.

After Party is the black, and it is gorgeous!

Good coverage (this is 2 coats and a topcoat) and great application, this black has purple and blue flecks and looks amazing in person.

Love it.  Next up are the brights, all are two coats over two coats of Dayglow.  They look awesome over white, and you can see swatches of them on their own at The Polishaholic.

Beach Cruiser (yeah, that’s my right hand…wanna fight about it?!)

Shade. I loved all the colors, but Beach Cruiser was my favorite.  It’s wearable but soooo bright, just a perfect slightly blue based pink.

Melt Your Popsicle

Shade.  Gorgeous orange.  It nearly glows, and somehow made me look tan in the shade.  I’m all about that!


Shade.  Again, I’m tan! This color looks like I colored my nails with a highlighter, it is just great.  I think this will be on my toes a lot this summer!

Skinny Dip (Love the name!)

Shade.  A gorgeous blue, not necessarily as holy crap bright as the others, but this one had a unique blue shimmer to it that I love – worth an extra pic!

On Orly’s website, it says “Here’s a great TIP: Layer the brights over the white or black shimmers to brighten or deepen shades.”

Challenge accepted.

This is a huge “NO” for me.  The brights didn’t quite cover the black, and as I tried to clean up the edges, the black showed through. The yellow looked more green with After Party as a base.  Black underneath definitely changes the tone of the brights, no doubt…it just isn’t worth the hassle! (Although you might do some sort of awkward Ruffian style mani with it I suppose…)

Shade. Again, not so much.

I hope you enjoyed the swatches!



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