Max Factor Fantasy Fire

I was buying dotting tools on eBay anyway and found a lovely lady in Poland selling FF for really cheap! And she had two bottles so…I bought them both! (They’re super teeny and I would hate to run out)

I started with Wet n Wild’s Eggplant, a frosty (don’t cringe, it’s not bad frosty!) shade of deep purple with blue, purple, and pink shimmer. It’s amazing!

Gorgeous blue shimmer!

And a shade shot, which is boring…

Oh, beautiful Fantasy Fire.  How hard you are to capture.  Pretend you can see the billions of other little sparklies that my camera just couldn’t capture.

I took the rest of these inside, as the sun doesn’t show the full spectrum of shinies this polish has.  Please forgive their sketchy quality, but I still don’t have a lightbox. Maybe once I stop painting my nails, I’ll have time to make one! Hah!


Swatch spam incoming tomorrow!




5 thoughts on “Max Factor Fantasy Fire

  1. polishfreak says:

    Gorgeous colors!!

  2. Naomi says:

    Wow! Stunning 😀

  3. Lindz says:

    I would love to get my hands on a bottle of Fantasy Fire. I just don’t understand why Max Factor only made it available in the UK.

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