Brights: Kleancolor, Illamasqua, Color Club

My poor, neglected blog! I’m sorry. I’ll never leave you again! (*insert further empty promises here*)

But really.  Here are some swatches of bright greens as we make our way through the rainbow.  Enjoy!

Kleancolor Bikini Green, 3 coats, probably a current favorite!


Kleancolor Chunky Holo Clover over Bikini Green, one coat.  Lovely orange, yellow, and green holo

Kleancolor TLC, 4 coats.  A much more yellow-y green, very thick but streaky.  Definitely give it some time between coats to prevent cuticle drag.  Makes you look tan though!

Shade. Pardon the oil, but the swatching makes my cuticles angry 🙂

Illamasqua Nomad, part of their Human Fundamentalism collection.  Love this color.  Perfect in two thick coats for me! Illamasqua’s website shows this as a much lighter jade green, but this picture is pretty color accurate.

Shade.  It looks darker on my nails than it does in the bottle.

Color Club Age of Aquarius.  Their polishes are usually quite streaky in application and this was no exception, but the color evened out in 2-3 moderate coats.  I adore this color! It has more blue tone than Nomad above, and the two in person are very different colors.


With a coat of coarse Spectraflair picked up from Laura’s Etsy shop!

Love it.  It turns any color in your collection into a rainbow!  Indoors it makes the polish look a bit grey, so I wouldn’t wear this unless you were going to be mostly outside, as it mutes your polish color indoors.

Hope you enjoyed! More of the rainbow this week 🙂

And yes, if you were wondering, I rather gave up on PlasmaPlays…I have so many polishes and so many ideas right now! I will pick it back up when I run out of other exciting things!



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