Brights: Claire’s, Zoya, Color Club

Ah, the Monday blues.  Let me help you with that.

Color Club Factory Girl.  As with most of their polish, a bit streaky at first, but it evened out.  This is actually three coats as I had a few bald spots, but more time between coats and two should suffice.

Such a pretty, girly, grey leaning robin blue.  I love this color!

Color Club Blue-Ming.  This is the shade that made me head off course to a Rite Aid – we don’t have one here, but this color was worth the trip!  In the bottle, you might think, oh I have a teal/seafoamy color like that…but you don’t.  Trust me.  I have worn this three times since buying it, which is really saying something.  And looking at this makes me want to put it on my nails now. In fact, I might.  It’s that pretty.

Again, three coats.  This is the streakiest of the colors I have from them, but really, worth it.  It is also tough to remove, which is just crazy because it’s a creme…but it took some scrubbing.

Zoya Phoebe.  Not the first time I have shown this, but this time I took the extra effort to show it matte in all its glory.  This is from Zoya’s 2011 ModMatte collection.

And here it is with a topcoat…which shoes all the lovely blue shimmer!

It just looks much better with a topcoat, don’t you think?

Shade.  I love the matte finish on the bottle.

Claire’s True Blue.  I was so drawn to this bottle, I had to pick it up.  This is an incredibly deep blue – and it stains like nobody’s business.  It took several scrubs with acetone for my cuticles to fully recover from this, and even then I couldn’t get all the color off.

This color dries a funny matte like many neons, so this is two coats with topcoat.  I think for me this is a pedi or accent color, there is just something about bright blue on my nails that screams “Don’t take me seriously!”

Not what I’m aiming for.

I started organizing my polish collection with an app on my iPad called MyStuff2.  There is a free version, but you can only put in a limited amount of items to organize, so I paid $4.99 for the full version and it is absolutely worth the money!  (No, I’m not getting paid for this ad, but I really should be! Polish addicts of the world, this is the best thing since the Ikea Helmer!)

I added a section for “Nail Polish,” and it allows you to create your own categories – so I have Name, Brand, Finish, General Color, Specifics, Collection, etc. and then you can also take a photo of your item! Never again do you have to worry about a spreadsheet of polish…this is so easy and with the inclusion of photos, really is the greatest thing ever.  I suppose it was made for people to keep track of things for insurance reasons, or whatever, but it is absolutely brilliant.  Easily worth the money.  Now if I could just hire someone to go through my collection…I made it through 200 bottles last night and still have to do my pink, blue, and purple drawers – the ones with the most bottles!

Happy polishing!



2 thoughts on “Brights: Claire’s, Zoya, Color Club

  1. I really like the polishes from Color Club here! I definitely have to try that brand.

  2. Naomi says:

    These are all so stunning! I’m a sucker for blue polish.

    Naomi x

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