Cult Fairy Tale Collection Swatches

I ordered my first polishes from Cult last month and absolutely love the colors in the Fairy Tale collection!  Maria has another collection coming out July 11, and I think I am going to have to get that collection too!

Here we have, from left, Happy Ending (I didn’t include this in my swatches as it is identical to After Party from Icing, which I have used extensively over the last 6 months and quite frankly am sick of), Charming, Feelin’ Froggy, Evil Queen, and Princess.

Princess is a lovely grey tinted pale blue, a very muted, demure color, with lovely golden shimmer that my camera refused to capture.  But just gorgeous!  Made me feel very Cinderella-ey, which naturally I loved.

I adore Feelin’ Froggy.  This is two coats, although I probably would have put on a third to get rid of the slight nail line I can still see.  This is a perfect, slightly blue leaning green that goes on like glass and has green shimmer to boot!  This color was perfect for my skin tone.

I had some gold “glitter” that I wanted to use…it looked a lot more normal sized in the container.  Anyway, it was super reflective and I had fun with the gold disco ball accent finger for a day, which is exactly how long it stayed on!

Evil Queen was what originally attracted me to this collection.  I love the name, I don’t have many reds (I don’t wear much red with my strawberry blonde hair, they aren’t meant to be together), and this color looked gorgeous on Maria in her photos on Instagram.  Again, perfect application, good coverage, and ZERO staining to my nails or cuticles (with basecoat, of course).  This is an absolutely perfect red! I used it on my 4th of July mani, if you want to see it with other colors.

And I couldn’t resist a glitter gradient with it! This is a Color Club polish called…Gold Glitter.  Creative, no?!  I dabbed it on with the brush, I’m fancy, huh!

I saved my favorite for last.  This is Charming…isn’t she just lovely?!  This one is a sheer jelly that builds slowly but dries fairly quickly.  This is four thin coats, no pulling, no bald spots, just amazing color – a bright lavender with subtle bright purple shimmer.  I. Adore. This. Polish.

Sorry, I added this gold leaf after the sun went down, and the flash washed the glitter out too much.  This is actually very color accurate despite the funny color of my hand!  This is my 22k gold leaf topcoat (told you I was fancy) from Lori. I love it. I put that s*** on everything! (Who else loves that commercial?  You know you’re craving some hot sauce from an old lady now!)

This is my puppy Huckleberry with my stuffed animal – which I selflessly gave him – named Diffleby (rhymes with this’ll be…).  He’s actually 3, but he’ll be a puppy forever (makes it sound like he has a weird condition, right?  Benjamin Button puppy?) Anyway, I thought you needed a picture of him going crazy right after a bath, so here you go. Here is one more for good measure.




7 thoughts on “Cult Fairy Tale Collection Swatches

  1. these are really beautiful! I haven’t tried this brand yet.

  2. vruru98 says:

    I really like Princess, I might get it! And your puppy is cute 🙂

    • wickednails says:

      Yeah, Princess was not my fave but is a really nice color, and the shimmer in it is just great, I will try to show it again in better light! (I need a lightbox but this place is too small to have MORE things lying around!) And thanks, Huck loves hearing how cute he is 🙂 LOL!

  3. Maya Chehade says:

    These are gorgeous!

  4. kingsimba says:

    I love these colors! Your dog is cute too.

    • wickednails says:

      Haha thanks! He’s from the pound and when he was little he looked a lot like your schnauzer when his hair was clipped down! He’s a bit bigger now though 🙂 But we’ve never known exactly what breeds he is, so I will probably wonder forever!

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