This post will be pretty boring, actually.  But I decided to make a YouTube account and make my first nail tutorial…omg.  I had a bunch of Instagram people tell me to make a tutorial (they couldn’t read the descriptions of my pics, apparently) so…I spent this evening filming myself painting my nails.  Never thought I would say that sentence!

Mr. Wickednails asked me the other day, “When are you going to start making money from this [nail painting]?”

My response?  “Probably around the same time you start making money from playing Xbox.”

…Sunday is our 5 year wedding anniversary.  I figure we’re out of the woods.  Lol.

Well, I hope you will head on over to my YouTube video and at the very least give me another view, maybe even log in and hit the THUMBS UP button?  I almost disabled the comments section because I’m petrified of criticism and some girls can be MEAN! (Lindsay Lohan taught me that.  Another sentence I hadn’t planned to ever use.)


Please, please go there.  And be nice.  Don’t make me cry.



2 thoughts on “YouTube

  1. OMG! I LOVE your response to Mr. Wickednails. hahahaha.
    Going over to youtube to enjoy your video. 🙂

  2. Amanda (Mae) says:

    I loved your response to Mr. WickedNails! Classic haha

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