China Glaze Summer 2012 Neons: Part One

Oh Boy!

I ordered all 12 colors from the China Glaze neon collection from Trans Design, and was really excited because I had read on other blogs that they have good formulas and are opaque without using white underneath, and without having to put on 5 coats like some of the Orly neon colors I have.  I used a topcoat in all of these pics as they dry a bit matte and looked boring in the shade without some shine.  Without further ado…



Surfin’ For Boys, a red coral neon with some shimmer that my camera wouldn’t capture in bright sunlight…I need a lightbox!  Two coats.


Surfin’ For Boys…shade



Flirty Tankini, this one went on more coral than it looked in the bottle.  This is three coats to even out some weird spots.



Flirty Tankini…shade



Orange You Hot? is a gorgeous tangerine neon with golden shimmer!  I love these shimmery neons, they look amazing!  Two coats.



Orange You Hot?…shade



Sun-Kissed is a lovely neon yellow with yellow shimmer! I love the feeling that you have highlighter all over your nails.  I’m such a sucker for bright colors!  Two thicker coats.



Sun-Kissed…shade (Check out my tan! lol)



I’m With The Lifeguard is a perfect neon green with matching limey shimmer.  This looks really similar to the Kleancolor Bikini Green I posted previously, but only because the camera had a hard time picking up the shimmer in the sunlight.  They look nothing alike.  Two coats! (Kleancolor was like…5 coats!)



I’m With The Lifeguard…shade (Almost a blue-ish shimmer! It was hard to pin it down.)



Splish Splash is a lovely bright robin blue with turquoisey silver shimmer.  I love this color! You can almost see brushlines in the picture, but that wasn’t actually visible.  Two coats.



This pic was for the shimmer, which was hard to capture.



Splish Splash…shade



Nail Art! This is what inspired my YouTube tutorial…super easy, really fun 🙂



Hope you enjoyed!

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5 thoughts on “China Glaze Summer 2012 Neons: Part One

  1. I love China Glaze Nail Polishes! I recently bought some of those colors too 🙂

  2. skaytanik says:

    Lovin’ the nail art! Their neons are definitely better, but I’ve got the neon pink (I think it’s Poolside? Or something to do with flip flops?)
    Anyways, it’s better but still a tiny smidge streaky and a bit matte, but I topcoat everything so it wasn’t too much of a problem.

  3. LACQUERLUST says:

    I love it, did the green color stain your nails

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