Nail Art: Gradient

Good morning! Sorry for the hiatus, I had someone staying in my house who wasn’t fond of the smell of nail polish…weird.

Anyway – I have been working on my YouTube channel, and decided I would practice for a gradient tutorial.  I am still trying to figure out how to get a good camera angle directly above my nails without getting my hand in the way of the camera, or my camera in the way of my view.  So far, so impossible.  I’ll keep trying.

Neon gradient! I hadn’t ever tried Essie Master Plan (or if I did, I don’t remember) so I threw it on and then sponged on Orly Glowstick on my tips.  It was tough to get this to look right, since Glowstick is pretty sheer, but it turned out okay.

For my right hand, I used Orly Skinny Dip.  This color is less sheer, but it was still really tough to get the gradient to look right!

I love the natural/nude and neon combo. Have you used these colors together?



8 thoughts on “Nail Art: Gradient

  1. skaytanik says:

    Love the color combo- I think the gradient turned out fabulous, the color meld is perfect & even!

  2. musicmarth says:

    Wow! This is an awesome color combo!!

  3. LACQUERLUV says:

    Those nails are indeed wicked!!

  4. Nail Diva says:

    Love that color combination! Gorgeous!!

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