China Glaze Summer 2012 Neons: Part 2

Finally, a day with nobody in the house but me and the dog, plus free time, plus sunlight.  Lovely day!

Here are the other six China Glaze neons from their summer collection. I love almost all of these colors, and all but one (Ride the Waves) went on smoothly with just two coats.


Pink Plumeria is terrible with my skin tone, but many swatches I have seen make the gold flecks in this pinky coral look just gorgeous.  You can see some brush stroke marks, which I wasn’t fond of, but perhaps with very careful application you could eliminate these.  I’m not sold on this color with my pale skin at all.


Pink Plumeria, shade


Hang-Ten Toes, the ultimate bright Barbie pink.  I adore this color!  It has bright magenta purple shimmer which just makes it pop even more.  This is definitely my fave in this collection.


Hang-Ten Toes, shade


Love’s A Beach is another bright pink, but this one is much darker toned and has pale pink shimmer.  It definitely looks a bit more sophisticated than Hang-Ten Toes!


Love’s A Beach, shade


Beach Cruise-R is a vibrant purple which is lighter than an average purple, and when compared to the next swatch, looks more pink hued.  This color has bright purple shimmer as well, which makes it appear a bit lighter in the sunlight.  As with most of the colors, this is just two coats.


Beach Cruise-R, shade


As you can see, Under The Boardwalk is more of a “typical” bright purple, with no shimmer.  This color appears similar to Zoya Charisma, Sinful Colors Dream On, and Illamasqua Stance.


I clearly have a thing for bright purple.  Whoops.  Time to stop buying that color.  But as you can see, although the colors are similar, Zoya and Sinful dry more matte, Illamasqua is a more jelly finish with a bluer purple and more shine (3 coats of this vs. 2 of the others), and China Glaze is most similar in color and finish to Sinful Colors Dream On.


Under The Boardwalk, shade


Last is Ride The Waves, which I do not like at all.  It is a blue jelly unlike the rest, and needed three coats to get even this opaque – and as you can see, although my nails are short, you can see VNL as well as the lovely white ding in my ring finger.  And no, I don’t know what I did!!  This color didn’t stain my nails, shockingly, but it just doesn’t do anything for me at all.


Ride The Waves, shade

Anyway, there you have it, the final installment of Summer Neon swatches.  I hope you enjoyed!  I have some great new indie polishes on their way to me, some from Black Cat Lacquer, some from Pretty and Polished, and a few more Lush Lacquers, so start saving up because trust me, there are some you will want!!!



2 thoughts on “China Glaze Summer 2012 Neons: Part 2

  1. these are gorgeous!! I love them all.

  2. Hello, The WordPress Only Beauty Blogger Hop Blog List is up! Be sure to check out all of the blogs ☺

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