Nail Sauce by Feliifel: Space Junk

This is an extremely limited edition Indie polish released by the amazing Feliifel (Felicia) of NailSauce!  She will release one more round of polish I believe – she announces a lot of her releases on Instagram, so if you want to know more, I recommend following her @feliifel there.

This polish is just so gorgeous that I took a lot of pictures.



This is three coats with no topcoat.  I later added Seche Vite (I was in such a hurry to post pics!) and it took two thick coats to even out the shine.  This will be lovely over black, purples, and blues (and others) as well, no doubt.











And now, a couple of shade pics, which show off the teal glitter…




Wow. Brilliant.  This is absolutely gorgeous and I’m SO GLAD I stalked the store to buy it!



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