Sonoma Nail Art Halloween Collection

Let me just start by saying that Michelle, the creator of Sonoma Nail Art, is amazing! I had asked her to let me know when she would be stocking a local store, Tallulah, with her polish, and she sent me a message on Etsy right away to let me know the polish was in.  So sweet! And much easier than fighting for polish on her Etsy…she sells out in 2 minutes every time! Clearly it is because of the beauties she is making!  And the labels on these bottles add such a great detail, very clever…

First up is Deadly Zins.  This beautiful glitter is full of red and purple glitter of many sizes and includes hex and square glitter.  I layered 2 coats of Deadly Zins over 3 coats of OPI Red My Fortune Cookie.  Deadly Zins pretty much has a clear base, so it would look great layered over many things!


Next up is Here Lies Robert, a fantastic polish chock full of black, green, and silver glitter.  Diamonds, hex, bar, micro…this polish has it all!  In a clear base again, you could put this over just about anything, but I picked American Apparel Neon Orange, a lovely tangerine neon.  This is 3 coats of the base and 2 coats of Here Lies Robert.

I would just like to say that after swatching this, I had absolutely zero desire to take it off.  But I did, for you guys. In the name of nail science, or something.

Shade. Could this combo be any hotter? This polish SCREAMS Halloween. I cannot wait to put it back on!

Halloween in the Vines over Essie Play Date.  I used 2 coats of Play Date and only one coat of Halloween in the Vines.  Again, this is a beautiful glitter in a clear base, and one that will look amazing over white, red, black, anything you want to layer it on.  With only one coat I got at least three shades of purple hex glitters in all sizes, and some silver glitter too.  Like the other polish in the Halloween collection, the formula on this was perfect, I didn’t have to fish for glitter, and there was zero clumping.


Last but not least – because I couldn’t pick a “least” from this collection with a gun to my head – this is Sincerest Pumpkin Patch.  This is the only polish with a colored jelly base, and I adore it.  I layered this over Pure Ice Wild Thing, which is a bright green, but this mossy green jelly would probably be lovely on its own, too.  I started with just one layer of SPP, but discovered that it looks even better with two layers, so that’s what you see here.  There is so much depth to this polish because of the jelly base!  Silver, greens, and orange glitters give the feeling of being in a pumpkin patch, and the formula and pigments here are just right.  You need this polish, there is absolutely nothing else like it.

Wow. So…you need this collection.  It is hopefully going to be available again on Etsy, and make sure you follow Michelle’s blog too, she is an incredible artist as well as creating kick ass polish.



4 thoughts on “Sonoma Nail Art Halloween Collection

  1. Sonoma Bento says:

    So beautiful! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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