Simple Nail Designs’ Dip Dye Nails!

I got this idea from Instagram, and found a YouTube tutorial for it as well.  Simple Nail Designs has a channel with short, quick, simple nail tricks that give you a great look, so I decided to try this Dip Dye Nail today.

I started with Orly Luxe, and layered stripes (kind of…check out the vid) in Zoya Purity, then Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet, then Sally Hansen Pacific Blue lightened with a little white, then Nabi Blue Away, and finally Sally Hanson Navy Baby.  I love this look soooo much! I can’t wait to try it in other colors, but had to start with blue for Mr. Wickednails.  I swear, everything he owns is blue.  Except his car, which he constantly talks about having painted blue.

These look so cute! Let me say what I always say too…if you try it and don’t love what it looks like, put a topcoat on it.  I wasn’t sure I did these right…but once the topcoat went on, they looked amazing.

One more pic for the road…these really were very easy to do, give them a shot!

Dip Dye Nails…now if only I could do my hair like this…



12 thoughts on “Simple Nail Designs’ Dip Dye Nails!

  1. Super cool idea! Great execution too. Love it.

  2. whatthenail says:

    I love this!

  3. polishfreak says:

    I must try this! Love the colors you chose! Beautiful!

  4. vonimoller says:

    You’ve totally got me hooked on this dip dye look! It is GORGEOUS!

  5. Mandy says:

    It says check out the video but there’s not one? Am I missing it? All I see is an ad for Porche.

  6. pinklemonsss says:

    Amazing!!! so perfectly done, gorgeous colour combination too. 🙂

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