Target Has e.l.f. Polish!

I found a few e.l.f. polishes at Target last week and couldn’t resist, since they were only $2 each.  None of the colors have names, and there aren’t even distinguishing numbers to use, sorry.

The bottles are small and the polish smells horrible, but the glitters, flakies, and shimmers are worth it in my eyes.  I hope my photos do these babies justice!

Pretty blackened grey shimmer with teeny scattered holo flecks.  Easy to apply (they all were) and this is just one coat!


Love the holo!



It appears darker in the shade without the metallic shimmer.


This is a micro gold glitter with small holo hex glitter.  I liked it better in the bottle, but this definitely wasn’t the ideal color to layer it over (OPI Be a Dahlia Won’t You).


A shade shot. I was swatching a lot so pardon the oil on my cuticles…


Here we have what began as a comparison and ended as the only good photos I got of this color because the sun went behind some clouds and stayed there.  In the bottle, this blue shimmery black e.l.f. had a purple duochrome to it which did not show up on my nail at all.  It looked like it was going to be a similar sheen to Nicole by OPI’s If the Blue Fits, but clearly they are completely different.


Again, this was only one coat! Granted, the polish was really thick and I had to apply carefully, but still.  Incredibly black, beautiful blue flecks…a total win for me.  (For the record, If the Blue Fits is also a total win.)


In the shade it just looks very black.


Last we have the purple shimmer, my absolute favorite.  I used two coats of this so that it would be more even, this one was slightly less thick than the blackened blue.


I just completely love it, don’t you?


The shimmer is mostly purple with some blue and fuchsia in there as well, which gives this polish so much depth.


A teeny bit of purple was still visible in the shade. Love!

Which ones are must haves for you?








5 thoughts on “Target Has e.l.f. Polish!

  1. katylove1990 says:

    Oh.My.God.YES. I love elf! Thanks for posting, I’m going to go check this out today! Please check out my beauty blog as well ^_^

  2. Martha says:

    The gold glitter one looks like their Golden Goddess which I love! And my target didn’t have the black holo or I would have picked that up, too! I wonder if it’s actually Metal Madness? The purple/blue shimmer looks like Dark Glitter Purple.

  3. I love that now that I’m not near any Targets they get the polish! Boo!

  4. robinson1987 says:

    There is a really pretty red one I picked up awhile back. I also picked up the eyeshadow pallet that went with this collection and it’s amazing!

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