China Glaze Running in Circles Nail Art

Hello my darlings!

I had to order a few colors from the China Glaze Cirque du Soleil collection. Creative Fantasy was the color that won my heart and I ended up ordering Running in Circles, Def Defying, Hanging in the Balance, and Escaping Reality as well. All bright, rather summery colors, but Running In Circles is season appropriate, so here is a bit of nail art I did with it!


Super glittery kelly green that went on easily in two coats. I added a third just…because.


ooooooo sparklies…


I placed glitter around the edges and added the Christmas Tree with OPI Goldeneye, another EPIC sparkly polish.



So much fun! Glitter placement looks tough but is just time consuming. I spread my glitter or glitter polish on a piece of paper and use an orange stick to pick out the pieces I want and apply them to still-tacky polish. I finished these off with Seche Vite, and then stuck the gems onto the tree.

Happy Holidays!

❤ Rylee


6 thoughts on “China Glaze Running in Circles Nail Art

  1. MaSucree says:

    That green, I need it! It looks fantastic on you :3

  2. Entice says:

    Such a pretty color! So festive!!

  3. Love, love, love the green. I wander if I can get this brand in the UK, Hmm :/

  4. Nail Diva says:

    Very Christmasy!! I love it!!

  5. I’ve been trying to find Running in Circles all over the city for the past few weeks. I love it and can’t find it anywhere. I need to order it online I think, because its too beautiful to miss out on!

  6. vonimoller says:

    The tree is super rocking!

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