Lynnderella: Ghost of a Chance

Good evening!

Tonight I have a lovely Lynnderella polish to show you – Ghost of a Chance!

Ghost of a Chance1In love. I wanted to show it to you over white, as I initially pictured it. It shows off the lovely contrasting shapes and sizes of pastel and white glitter.  It is so delicate and pretty!

Ghost of a ChanceAnd then I had to try it over another color.  This is China Glaze No Way Jose, another hard to find polish I found while “dusty hunting.”  I have already used it three times since I got it, which is a new record for me!  This is two coats of Ghost on top. Love it!


❤ Rylee




3 thoughts on “Lynnderella: Ghost of a Chance

  1. Nail Diva says:

    LOVE Ghost of a Chance!!! Can I get it here before Sat night?

  2. vonimoller says:

    This is gorgeous!! I love how delicate it is over the white. Something you could get married in.
    It is just as pretty over the purple. Very versatile!

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