Lynnderella: The Stars In Her Eyes…Gradient

Good evening!

Tonight I have another Lynn mani using The Stars in Her Eyes…  This time, I added a gradient underneath using Color Club Hydrangea Kiss and Essie Butler Please.  I love the blue underneath this polish, it reminds me of the night sky. In fact, I was planning to keep swatching after this, but couldn’t bear to take this off!


Love.  This is two coats of TSiHE, although one would have been sufficiently sparkly (if there is such a thing!)

GradientStar4I painted my whole nail with Hydrangea Kiss and then sponged on Butler Please with…you guessed it…a makeup sponge.


GradientStar2There you have it! I love this so hard. Lynnderella polish can be found on her eBay site; her seller name is Lynnderella-Lynnderella.

❤ Rylee


5 thoughts on “Lynnderella: The Stars In Her Eyes…Gradient

  1. vonimoller says:

    Gorgeous! Looks like snow flakes

  2. tmvikholt says:

    That is gorgeous, I really like it 🙂

  3. ❤ CC says:

    That’s so pretty! Looks like a starry snowy night =)

  4. Amanda (Mae) says:

    This is absolutely stunning

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