Rainbow Glitter Placement Nail Art

Tonight I have both my nails and the nails of some lovely and TALENTED nail art fiends!  We decided to each do our own take on rainbow themed nails and posted them all on our Instagram accounts today!

IMG_7195I used Galaxy polish from American Apparel, and dumped some onto a piece of paper. Using an orange stick, I carefully placed the glitters onto my polished nails, making sure to set them down as close as possible to where I wanted them to end up!

WickedNailsRainbowThe end result? Rainbowzzzzz!!!!!

WickedNailsRainbow2Here are some of the other ladies’ beautiful art!

photoHow stinking talented are these chicas!? Check out their Instagrams, clockwise from top left: @lacquerloon, @valesha, @selenadee_nails, @slacquerr, and @kpandaanails!

They also have blogs: Click on their names here to check out Valesha’s Peachy Polish, Kianna’s Polish & Pandas, Selena’s Pink U Rock, and Felice’s Tumblr!

❤ Rylee


3 thoughts on “Rainbow Glitter Placement Nail Art

  1. Nail Diva says:

    Love the rainbow glitter…did that take forever??

  2. vonimoller says:

    EVERYONE’S rainbows rocks!!! I can’t even pick a fav because I love them all! You can’t ever go wrong with rainbow!!!

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