Black Cat Lacquer: More Portlandia

More Black Cat Lacquer tonight!

TheDreamOfThe90sThe Dream of the ’90s is Alive is a white crelly polish with lots of great glitter shapes in all colors, with lots of black glitter thrown in.  I layered this over white to save time, but it definitely would build up on its own in a few coats.

TheDreamOfThe90s2Look at that! Yum. And on the tip of the right finger is a really cool bit of glitter that I bet is from the manufacture of hex glitter, but it looks way cool.  Love this polish!  This is two coats, and you can see how the glitter layers so nicely on top of itself. This polish is just packed with glitters!

PutABirdOnItThis is Put a Bird On It, a gorgeous pale blue jelly with pastel square and hex yellow, pink, and white glitters.  This polish also has teeeeeeny blue shimmery glitter that gives it a lot of great shine.  This is one coat over OPI What’s With The Cattitude?

SanitationTwinsFinally, Sanitation Twins. Oh. My. Gosh.  This turned out to be my favorite of the collection; this is a thick glitter polish in a clear but shimmery base.  It has multi size hex glitter of all colors and black and white square and bar glitters.  The bars are really long but sparse enough that I had no trouble with them, and they don’t curl at all like bars in some polish.

SanitationTwins2Here! A nice little macro so you can see all the fun glitters.

SanitationTwins3And finally, check out that shimmer.  It is silvery yellow and blue, and Sabrina found some really pretty iridescent blue glitters to sneak in so that this polish shines at every angle. I am totally in love.  I layered two thin coats over Kleancolor Neon Pink.

Check out Black Cat Lacquer for yourself, and I will have swatches of more colors coming up next week!

❤ Rylee


2 thoughts on “Black Cat Lacquer: More Portlandia

  1. Reblogged this on sophiadjonne07 and commented:
    I love this nailpolish color. It looks amazing with the white underneath it.

  2. Amanda (Mae) says:

    omgoodness I am loving that last one!! gorgeous!

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