Lynnderella: Blue Rouge and Love Light

Two Lynns tonight from the Groundhog Day Collection!


Blue Rouge is a purple lilac-ey periwinkle glitterbomb.  This would look great as a glitter gradient! There is a LOT of glitter here, so a carefully chosen basecoat is important or it will cause the glitter to look thick and uneven.  Some of the larger glitters look curly…BlueRouge2

…like on my ring finger, but they aren’t at all! They lay flat and just reflect light at an angle.

BlueRouge3Loved this one a lot!


Love Light is a gorgeously thin pink polish with large flecks of purple shimmery glitter.


This polish can be layered over different basecoats for the best effects – over purple, as shown here, the shimmer blends with the base color. Over black, however, the flecks would stand out more.

LoveLight3I love this polish for the versatility!  I can’t wait to try it over darker polishes…/swoon

❤ Rylee


3 thoughts on “Lynnderella: Blue Rouge and Love Light

  1. vonimoller says:

    Blue rouge is GORGEOUS! I’d definitely love to see that in a gradient!
    Love light is ALSO stunning and I love how sparkly it makes the mani look. I don’t know how to explain it but it gives this extra depth, an extra something something TO the purple base colour.

  2. Love your layering with Blue Rouge!

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