Wicked Polish: “What Happens In Vegas…” and “Wicked Whimsy” Collections!

Preview of two all new collections from Wicked Polish!

First off, the first three polishes to be release from the “What Happens In Vegas…” Collection:




Five-Oh! is a matte glitter topper with teeny black and whites with red and blue lights…you’ll wanna pull over for this polish! (groan)






A glow in the dark deep blue jelly with holo black and blue shimmers and teeeeeeeny holographic stars, you’ll think you’re back out sneaking around under the night sky.IMG_7709



Drunk In PublicIMG_7698

I didn’t want to be drunk in public, I wanted to be drunk in a bar! Well, here you go. With this white crelly filled with micro neon matte glitters, you can be drunk in public anywhere!IMG_7699


And now, for your viewing pleasure, we have the first three polishes from the “Wicked Whimsy” Collection:


Fairy Blood Splatter


Fairy Blood Splatter is a glitter topper with superfine sparkly pink glitter, fine and medium pink matte glitter, and large purple glitter.  It looks like a pink crime scene on your nails.




Expired Pixie DustIMG_7716

Expired Pixie Dust is a delightful mix of holographic sparkles, lovely neon pink heart glitter, and…moldy black squares of pixie dust.IMG_7719



Hung-Over The RainbowIMG_7689

Because drunk rainbows get hangovers too.  This mix of glitters will have you puking neons for years.IMG_7691Welp. There you have it…you are now officially the first to see these all new polishes.  I will continue to make the Pestilence Collection, although some of them will be phased out eventually.  The above polishes will be released near the end of this month (March 2013) on my website, http://www.wickedpolish.bigcartel.com

Feel free to ask any questions below!

❤ Rylee





18 thoughts on “Wicked Polish: “What Happens In Vegas…” and “Wicked Whimsy” Collections!

  1. iriel says:

    Amazing collection!! I’m loving all that neon 😀

  2. Nail Diva says:

    i can’t decide which I like the most…..I WANT THEM ALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I honestly very rarely go for pink nail products, but Fairy Blood Splatter looks so awesome! I am also in love with Hung-Over The Rainbow, they are both so unique and fun.

  4. Haha, I’m loving the colour names!

  5. looove expired pixie dust AWESOME!! must have!

  6. WOWWWWW Rylee! I didn’t think you could top your previous colors/glitters, but you did! This Vegas Collection is UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLE!! Seriously can’t wait to see swatches 🙂

  7. omggg I want them all!!!

  8. Angela S says:

    Those are awesome and I’m grooving on those names!

  9. Laura bird says:

    How can I buy these?

  10. Jolène says:

    I don’t even like neon, usually, but I HAVE TO HAVE Drunk in Public. And I don’t even like shaped glitter, but I HAVE TO HAVE Prowling. Amazing! (And I’ve been wishing for teeny versions of shaped glitter for a while, so major props!) I cannot wait for the end of the month. I will be stalking your FB page hardcore. ❤

    • wickednails says:

      So glad you like!!! And yes…teeny shaped glitter is my obsession! I crave neon. My money all goes to glitter that everyone will love and it makes me SO happy to hear people love it! I can’t wait to release!!! ❤

  11. oh dear god.

    All of these….. eek! The pixie dust, though. Black squares AND neon hearts??? Need!

  12. WANT THEM 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦
    All are lovely!

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