Wicked Polish: Hung-Over The Rainbow

Just a quick swatch of Wicked Polish Hung-Over The Rainbow for tonight, since so many people wanted to see it!


What really makes HOTR unique in the growing world of neon indie polish is the combination of colors used. Thanks to a brilliant innovation from Instagram’s @slacquerr, this polish contains fine, medium, and large neon glitters in pink, yellow, and blue – basically the primary colors.  So as these glitters layer on top of each other…

HOTR2…you get to see other colors of the rainbow pop off the nail.  Unlike other glitter toppers, the glitters will layer and form more color combinations, looking more and more rainbow.  Here you can see purple on the left, green on the right, and a little orange toward the base of my index finger.  Love it!

HOTR3And yes. You can make this shiny with a little topcoat, and the glitter will lie flat.  Love this look so much!!!

More polish pics up soon on http://www.facebook.com/wickedpolish and on Instagram @wickedpolish.

Available soon at http://www.wickedpolish.com

❤ Rylee


18 thoughts on “Wicked Polish: Hung-Over The Rainbow

  1. iriel says:

    This polish is so cool! I love neon glitters 😀

  2. O M G I would have way too much fun playing & layering this!

  3. vonimoller says:

    Gosh I LOVE this!!! Why can’t we have such stuff like this in South Africa! We have no indie makers 😦 ag sucks!

  4. Valesha says:

    Dying over this! OMG!

  5. This looks amazing…I must have it!

  6. sheleznekoff says:

    Wow this is amazing! It looks fantastic over the white base! I’m in the UK and haven’t seen anything like that here, I’ve just ordered something similar from the US though and can’t wait for it to arrive! xx

  7. SO cute! Wished I can easily get them here where I live. 😦

  8. Rylee, you need to show us more swatches from the new collections!

  9. ressadennis says:

    I’m like hunting you’re facebook to make sure I don’t miss the restock! I have 2 in mind.

  10. I want this too bad! Do these ship to the UK? AMAZING.

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