Ninja Polish: Shillelagh

Well, this was probably most appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day, but considering I’ve been slacking, you get to see it now! I ordered this beautiful polish a few weeks ago from Ninja Polish, and absolutely love it!


How stinking gorgeous is this green?!  It seriously looks like sparkly leprechauns peed into the bottle.


At various angles, the green is very dark with bright emerald shimmer…


…or emerald green with lighter shimmer!

Shillelagh4And finally, out in the sun and in some indoor areas, you see a beautiful golden shift.

This is two thick, rather gloopy coats, but it didn’t matter at all, the polish was perfectly smooth in two coats and looks amazingly shiny finished off with Seche Vite.

A total winner and must have!

❤ Rylee


3 thoughts on “Ninja Polish: Shillelagh

  1. vonimoller says:

    For inspiring with dip dyeing or vintage flowers and your polish making, here’s a liebster award for you

  2. valens87 says:

    It’s so shiny!!!

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