Blacklight Rainbow Gradient Nailart

Oh, man. I had a blast with the glowy babies I received from Polish Me To Go!

GITD2So pretty. Some glow in the dark too!

GITD1I painted my nails white first and let them dry. Then I used a wedge latex makeup sponge to sponge two colors onto each nail in a rainbow!


Her polish is just so gorgeously glowy!

GITD6Then I played with the glitter I use to create Wicked Polish (


My glitter, and therefore my polish, glows under blacklight!

GITD4I clearly had a lot of fun playing around…

WickedPolishGlowThis is Pox, Expired Pixie Dust, and Gangrene.  They are currently sold out on my site as well as on Harlow and Co. (, but they will be restocked soon! Go to and hit “like” so you can get updates about restock!

❤ Rylee


4 thoughts on “Blacklight Rainbow Gradient Nailart

  1. vonimoller says:

    Rylee, one word: AMAZING!
    ~Don’t forget to enjoy this day~

  2. this post is awesome! so much glowy neon delight!!

  3. Amanda (Mae) says:

    omg this is SOOO fun!!!! ❤

  4. Kellie says:

    Love this. Question…I have been to your site to try to buy your polish many times but everything is always sold out….when might you be restocking?? I’m dying to get my hands on some lol.

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