Wicked Polish: Stabbed By A Unicorn

Good afternoon!

Today I have Stabbed By A Unicorn, a polish from the Wicked Whimsy collection of Wicked Polish.  This polish will be available on http://www.wickedpolish.com at 6pm Pacific time!

Stabbed By A UnicornStabbed By A Unicorn is a mixture of large and medium white hexes, teeny white stars, and medium neon hexes in every color, all suspended in a clear, slightly pinky purple shimmer base.  Here I layered SBAU over Milani 3D Holographic nail color in HD, a large, somewhat scattered silver holo polish which I am in love with!

Stabbed By A Unicorn2

SBAU over Polish Me To Go Pretty Girls.  SBAU looks great over a variety of colors.  Over pastels, the neons still pop and you can see the stars and white hexes.  Over black, the neons are lighter, but still show, and the shimmery base creates a mesmerizing pink sparkle.

If you don’t get “Stabbed” tomorrow, you’ll have plenty more opportunities in the future!

❤ Rylee


6 thoughts on “Wicked Polish: Stabbed By A Unicorn

  1. vonimoller says:

    It looks great over the holo and reminds me of a different take to a galaxy but over the pink, I think it looks just awesome!
    Great job Rylee! Another fab polish! 😀
    ~Don’t forget to enjoy this day~

  2. Rabbit says:

    It looks so cute 🙂

  3. gnarlygnails says:

    best name ever! i love this!

  4. Amazing glitter, very sweet and girly! Love it!

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