Zoya Spam!

I have to show you some of the Zoya cremes I got during their annual Earth Day sale.  Enjoy!


Zoya Darcy is a lovely yellow creme. I had a lot of trouble evening the streaks out of this one, so this is three thick coats with Seche on top.


I had to wash my fingers out a bit to get the purple to be accurate, but I LOVE this in person! This is Zoya Kieko, two coats with Seche.


Here we have one of the Matte Velvet shades, which I grabbed because I have Phoebe and adore it!  This is Zoya Mitzi, and like most matte colors it went on a bit streaky but evened out in three thin, quick drying coats!

ZoyaRockyLove this one, Zoya Rocky.  Two easy coats and Seche.  I don’t usually like blue alone on my nails, but this is one I would wear by itself for sure!

ZoyaAliI saved the best for last. This is Zoya Ali, which I picked because it is hot pink (duh), and because Ali was my secret nickname with my best friend growing up!  It came from my middle name, which is Alison. Not so secret, I supposed, but we were little and cute!

I highly recommend going to Zoya’s website and just going crazy with their colors. They make the BEST cremes, perfect for nail art, gradients, stamping, and just wearing plain!

❤ Rylee


5 thoughts on “Zoya Spam!

  1. These are all great colors. I have to agree with you on the hot pink color. I don’t normally go for pinks, but they go well with my complexion and that is a great shade you have there!

  2. vonimoller says:

    I LOVE mitzie the most because it’s so different but I like rocky and ali too!
    Honestly because I ADORE yellow, I love darcy too BUT ag all yellows are streaky you know.

  3. ressadennis says:

    These are amazing! I love the Matte Velvet swatch!

  4. seattylites says:

    Oh wow Ali is gorgeous! I didn’t know they had brights colors.

  5. Craftynail says:

    Ali is my fave hot pink! Cant wait to wear it this summer!

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