China Glaze Sunsational Cremes

Hi all!

Sorry for the hiatus. Anyway, I’m back with swatches from the China Glaze Sunsational collection from summer 2013! I swatched the six cremes below – super bright colors with terrible formulas!  Worth buying if you love great bright colors for summer…


Bottoms Up is a gorgeous bright Barbie pink if ever there was one.  Because it has blue undertones I love it on me – makes me look a little more tan.  This is three coats plus topcoat.


Love this one – Highlight Of My Summer is brighter on the nail than in the bottle, as are all of these colors, really.  I adore this color, again probably for making me look tan!  Three very streaky coats plus topcoat.


Neon & On & On is a color that looks orange-y pink-y peach both in the bottle and on the nails – can’t quite nail down a color but it is BRIGHT.  It looks brighter on than in the bottle, again, and this is three coats plus topcoat.

Sun Of A Peach.  This was probably in my top picks from this whole collection, including the jellies – it just really stands out on the nail.  It is bright without being a straight orange, as it looks really creamy on the nail.  This is three coats with topcoat.


That’s Shore Bright, a lovely purple with the best formula of them all. This is two easy coats with topcoat.  This may look like a purple you already own, but for me it looked brighter on the nail, and I couldn’t quite adjust the color to capture exactly what it looks like.  This is close though!

ChGTooYachtToHandleFinally Too Yacht To Handle, a fabulous eye searing teal with HORRIBLE formula.  This is four coats to even out the bald patches plus topcoat.  I don’t mind bad formulas when the color is worth the time, and for me, this color is worth the time.  I love that it belongs in that Tiffany blue family but is brighter and bolder, and a bit more yellow toned.

Happy Father’s Day!

❤ Rylee



7 thoughts on “China Glaze Sunsational Cremes

  1. vonimoller says:

    Highlight of my Summer and Son of a Peach are my fav! HOT

  2. seattylites says:

    China Glaze always has such great neons. Can’t wait to get these.

  3. Teresa says:

    I need all of these colors!! I love nail polish and they would be a great addition to my growing collection

  4. Oh my god, I seriously love that collection of polishes! Haven’t yet tried China Glaze but definitely want to now after seeing those swatches, even in spite of any tricky formulas – awesome shots by the way! 🙂 Have you tried any nail lacquers by Kiko Cosmetics, by any chance? I love their endless shades, and they’re incredibly inexpensive for the quality!

    Amelia xx

  5. ahhhh , Lord Highlight Of My Summer… but three coats… I don’t know… 🙂 Love this collection by the shades…. but the formula.. not so much. I might change my mind, But having a huge collection, makes me have to skip some…:(

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