China Glaze Sunsational Jellies

Hi lovely people!

Well, the second half of this summer’s China Glaze collection consists of a few goodies and a few worthless, under-pigmented bottles of blah. I hate to be harsh, but this is where I give you my honest review so you don’t waste money!


First off, Shell-O. This jelly is shown with three coats plus topcoat with slightly visible nail line (VNL).  I love the color, hate the nail line.  One more coat and this might have been opaque.


This beauty is Heat Index, a lovely pink that leans a bit more orange toned. This would look great with glitter in a jelly sammich!  Three coats plus topcoat.


I LOVE this color!  This is You Drive Me Coconuts, the only jelly that built up easily to opacity in about two thick coats.  Shown is three for good measure with topcoat.  Love this blue leaning pink, perfect for summer!


Let’s get into the two colors I absolutely hated, shall we?  First is Keepin’ It Teal.  My first coat made my nails look a slightly dead teal, but this is four coats and I really didn’t feel like putting any more on.  I added topcoat for shine. I hate VNL.


This one is even worse. This is Isle See You Later. Please, folks, buy a latte or two and skip this color.  It is nothing special, and shown is FIVE FREAKING COATS.  I couldn’t even see the first coat.  Take a closer look at the bottle, where the bubble is…you can tell a lot about a polish from the contrast around the air bubble (pro tip from Rylee, that’ll be $3 please!)

1AreYouJellyFinally we have a lovely bright red toned purple called Are You Jelly?  This is three coats plus topcoat, and again notice we found some level of opacity!  Score!

The entire 12 polish Sunsational collection hasn’t officially been released yet in stores like Sally, but you can get them on transdesign dot com and other thrifty nail supply joints.  In summation, I recommend all 6 cremes for sure, the colors are gorgeous and nicely pigmented, even if the formula is sketchy.  Honestly, I would skip the jellies completely or just get You Drive Me Coconuts and Are You Jelly, because the others weren’t anything special to me (some may just be colored water in a bottle!).

Check back soon, because I went crazy and have all 12 Dance Legend holos for you to check out!

❤ Rylee



9 thoughts on “China Glaze Sunsational Jellies

  1. seattylites says:

    Oh wow these are even more awesome! Pink neons are my weakness.

  2. caitling2013 says:

    Wow. Colored water. I was wondering about the quality of China Glaze polish. Thank you. This has been helpful. It’s weird because I thought I knew most brands and then I started seeing China Glaze it seems like out of nowhere but only on the Internet.

  3. Thanks for this great review! I’m waiting for the entire 12pc collection to arrive at my house and I’m really disappointed to see all the reviews about bad formula. Get it together CG! You’d think they would know about a good polish! Ah, well. I guess some of these blah jellies will probably work well in a watermarble…

  4. judisue says:

    Great, honest review but a shame for you about some of the colours.
    Did you have to pay to try them or were they sent out for you to try and review? You should surely be able to get your money back, if you paid and the polishes failed to perform?

  5. einalemog says:

    Thank goodness I’m not the only one who is not fond of Keepin’ It Teal – I tried sandwiching, layering over white, and then just gave up. If I didn’t have a free edge, maybe it’d be better – but there’s not much more than irks me than seeing my smile line so pronounced with the CG jellies 😦

  6. vonimoller says:

    The only one I like on you is Shell-O. The others don’t work for me because of VNL and I hate that too.
    Can’t wait to see the holos

  7. OMG those colors are gorg!!

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