Wicked Polish: Fifty Nifty

In case you aren’t familiar with this song…click HERE to understand why our music teacher had the class sing it in first grade.

(Wow, you say, that must be on home video someplace! Nope.  I skipped first grade and never learned the song. It wasn’t until Mr. Smith’s fifth grade geography class that I learned the location of every state, plus the state capital and 3 major cities.  He also invented the Smith Dot System.  I digress.)


Red and blue micro glitter, silver holo micro bar glitter, and blue holo and white stars. This is two coats alone, no undies. This glitter is hungry and will require generous topcoat for smooooooothness.

Here is the debut of Wicked Polish Fifty Nifty. I dedicate this to all of you out there thinking, wow, so many red, white, and blue polishes…Americans must be super full of themselves.  Some of us are…clearly, I just told you two stories about my childhood and sit here typing away, convinced you read them and cared.  That’s pretty self centered.

In reality, we aren’t all self centered. There are millions of people serving our country, other countries, and families sacrificing their own comfort and safety for us.  Self centered? Not a chance.  This polish is for them.  And, if I can get enough glitter, this polish might actually make it to my website in time for you to have it by Independence Day. If not, wear it any other day. I promise they are sacrificing 365 days a year.  Can’t have enough country pride!



6 thoughts on “Wicked Polish: Fifty Nifty

  1. Shelby says:

    We must be around the same age because I also learned that song in 5th grade and remember every word LOL!
    I can’t get enough Patriotic glitters, bring on the USA pride and support our troops 🙂

  2. vonimoller says:

    Holy moly gorgeous

  3. Uau, gostei muido deste esmaltinho, maravilhoso!
    Beijoooo ♥ ♥
    Unhas em Destaque

  4. valens87 says:

    Oh my… it looks so full of glitters.. yes it is!!
    I love how it looks like!
    Have a wondeful day 🙂

  5. Nicole says:

    Wow I really like this! I’m usually not one for bar glitter but these short ones w all the other glitter look great! Very ‘Merica. 🙂

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