I Love Peachy Polish: Undie Sunday!

EDITED from original post!!

I love my friend Valesha’s blog Peachy Polish, and decided to borrow (read: steal) her Undie Sunday idea!  Here are some of the polishes I have used under glitters and designs!

First up are a few shades from Ethereal Lacquer. I was a bit unhappy that they were very different colors in person from swatches I have seen, but they are still pretty.

EL Mint Madness

Ethereal Lacquer Mint Madness. Four coats plus topcoat to even it out. These were all on the thick side but applied evenly.

EL I LavenDare You

I LavenDare You.  This color was inconsistent with the swatches I have seen.  Meagan from Ethereal Lacquer told me she had some pigment issues and is working super hard to fix this – she is even sending another polish to replace this! What a sweetheart.  Can you say customer service? Yowza!!!!!

EL Chelsea Rose

Chelsea Rose.  Another 4 coater with topcoat.  Pretty pink, but not as bright as I expected.

Essie Bottle Service

Essie Bottle Service.  Love this slightly orange leaning bright pink.  This went on in 3 easy, thin coats, shown with topcoat.

Essie Bouncer It's Me

Essie Bouncer It’s Me is a lovely deep blue.  The formula, however, leaves a LOT to be desired.  It is thin, streaky, and left bald patches.  This is five (yeah. I know.) thin coats plus topcoat, and that is kind of too many for my taste.  The color is lovely, however.  Sorry for the pale skin but I wanted you to get the real color here!

Good times.  More nail art, swatches, and other fun things coming this week!

❤ Rylee


2 thoughts on “I Love Peachy Polish: Undie Sunday!

  1. I like the colors you chose. The pink isn’t that bad of a shade.

  2. vintageetal1 says:

    I LavenDare You reminds me of One of my favorites Essie’s Bikini so Teenie!


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