Nail Art! (The Lost Designs)

I did a few (haha, understatement!) other designs with my piCture pOlish shades, trying to find something that was me, while attempting the “Best Nail Art You’ve Ever Done” (pressure, much?) IG @wickednails
IG @wickednails

If you haven’t already, please head over and vote for your favorite mani on the piCture pOlish Pinterest board! I would love to win the prize, a collaboration shade between PP and yours truly!


I began by cutting off tons of striping tape into small strips about one inch long.  I painted by nail nude and allowed it to completely dry.

TLD3Began in the middle of my nail, applying the bottom (top?!) of the tape halfway down my nail bed.

TLD4Then I applied the rest of the strips as shown, trying to get their tops and bottoms lined up just next to each other so I wouldn’t be left with a horizontal line of nude across my nail.

TLD5Some people apply the polish directly to their makeup wedge sponge (cosmetic wedges, I get mine at the drugstore), some people prefer to blend the polish on a surface first and dab the sponge onto it.

TLD6At first, you won’t have full coverage from the sponge, but allow a few seconds of dry time, and sponge again, and again.  Be sure to keep your center line, where the two colors meet, right about in the middle.  I wanted my polish to blend together around the middle of my nail bed, so i blended up and down just a bit.

TLD7Tada!  Lots of polish all over the place 🙂  Now, the big reveal!

TLD8Pull the tape off, one piece at a time, IMMEDIATELY after you finish sponging your color on…pulling the tape off while the polish is still very wet is key to getting clean lines! IG @wickednails
IG @wickednails

I used a teeny brush to create the flowers by staggering small ‘C’ shaped curves from the inside of each flower out.  The spiked studs are the same ones I used here yesterday.  I used a dotting tool from eBay for the dots on my thumb.  Obviously, wait a bit before using a thick topcoat so you don’t drag your beautiful nail art around!

❤ Rylee


10 thoughts on “Nail Art! (The Lost Designs)

  1. Lacqueerisa says:

    I am in love with the ring finger! Gotta try something like that soon! hahaha! That term “Best Nail Art You’ve Ever Done” sure was pressuring! I’ve rejected so many designs before finally satisfied with the end outcome. But in the end, the experience was truly remarkable! 😀

  2. thetrickyniki says:

    This is gorgeous! The flowers are so beautiful!

  3. Mandy says:

    You are seriously talented! I’m in love with this. I like the spikes and the flowers are so detailed!

  4. They’re all amazing! Such a precise hand to paint those flowers. Very beautiful 🙂

  5. asimanails says:

    Really cute!!! Love the design!!!

  6. Kay says:

    The ring finger is amazing! Gotta try it 😀

  7. BaroquenNails says:

    Love this design! I bet your ring finger took a while to finish though :p

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