Think Before You Type

It’s been a while. And by ‘while,’ I mean…well. Who’s counting?! I have several goals for the new year including getting back in to nail art and blogging!

The main thing keeping me busy has been my polish line, and today’s post is a short lesson in decorum. This won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is important to me.

My business – Wicked Polish – has an Instagram account all its own (@WickedPolish). The following was posted on a photo of my two newest polishes, a duo of duo chrome flakes called Fook Mi and Fook Yu.Fook Mi 4


Upon swatching these beauties the first time, I sent a picture to my friends, one of whom exclaimed, “Fook me, those are gorgeous!” Ever the appropriate gentle women (hah!), we decided the pair should be named after the twins in Austin Powers (rather than F*** Me and F*** You. You’re welcome, parents of children!).

Fook Yu 4

The duo sold out quickly (don’t worry, they’ll be back!) before Christmas. They were popular and when people get to use them, I’m sure they’ll love them even more. One customer even sent me a funny short story about her holidays and the polishes she bought.

This weekend, though, I woke up to the following comment on Instagram:

2014-12-28 18.43.02

Sadness in my heart. I deleted the comments (s/he abruptly began yelling at me) and DM’ed the poster because I feel that sort of conversaction isn’t something that’s appropriate for my business site. Now, this blog post isn’t about whether I’m racist or not (spoiler alert: I’m not). It isn’t about whether you think these names were or are racist (if you think they are, please read to the end before we talk about it). This post is about how to appropriately broach a serious topic.

Had this poster been willing to engage in a respectful conversation with me, I would have heard them out. I am embarrassed to think that people might believe anything about me or what I stand for is racist…it simply isn’t the case. Had they not thrown hash tags accusing me of racism, referencing real or perceived acts of law enforcement violence against people of color, I would have been more likely to listen to their perspective. Instead I recommended they watch Austin Powers and rethink the lens through which they perceive the world. I can’t change the poster’s mind about me, but it would have been nice to have a teeny bit of respect to start the conversation off with.

If you have a legitimate point to make, if you want to convey your opinion or thoughts on social media to random strangers whom you know NOTHING about, start with some respect and decency. I guarantee it will get you farther.



4 thoughts on “Think Before You Type

  1. Kellie says:

    Wow…when I read the names of the polishes the thought of racism never even crossed my mind. I’m so sorry that they felt the need to attack you like that. How completely uncouth!! It just goes to show that some people are of a one track mind and only see color or race. It’s sad really. On the upside…the polishes are gorgeous!!!! Most of us see your gorgeous polishes and ohhhh and ahhhh over them…personally I drool, but that’s just me…..others unfortunately only see ugliness and have to nitpick. Don’t let them get you down hon. Big hugs.

  2. Mira says:

    They’re obviously one of these odious “SJW” types – losers who bully people from the safety of their computer screens and see sexism and racism everywhere. They’re pathetic, and believe me, you’re better off blocking this class of people because nothing you say will make it through their thick skulls. She’d already decided you were ‘racist’ before even trying to contact you.
    Really though, you should have told this bully to take it up with Mike Myers.

    Incidentally, the polishes are really pretty and I don’t think the names are racist at all. Some people on the internet need to grow up and get a sense of humour – and while they’re at it, a sense of perspective.

  3. nail salon says:

    Wow. Protecting the nails it’s a good thing I can wear nail colours to work. Probably as long as they’re not too crazy.

  4. nails art says:

    They seem nice!! Looks so cool and that’s actually an effect I’d go for in a nail wrap.

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