Eyes On Indie

Hi all!

Sorry for my absence, but we bought a new house and moved! Yay!

My nails suffered a bit, so while they recover from moving boxes and Tempurpedic mattresses (don’t. just don’t), here is some exciting news about your favorite local Indie brands!



Katherine of Polished by KPT began arranging this months ago with a local handcrafted, sustainable, DIY boutique called Ecomonster.

I will be there with lots of fun Wicked Polish goodies, and other indies will be there as well! Tickets are limited and are only $5, on sale at the above linked site.

It should be LOTS of fun, and if I swing things the right way, I may bring my pink glitter table. ¬†Who knows ūüôā

xoxo Rylee


Wicked Polish: Fifty Nifty

In case you aren’t familiar with this song…click HERE to understand why our music teacher had the class sing it in first grade.

(Wow, you say, that must be on home video someplace! Nope. ¬†I skipped first grade and never learned the song. It wasn’t until Mr. Smith’s fifth grade geography class that I learned the location of every state, plus the state capital and 3 major cities. ¬†He also invented the Smith Dot System. ¬†I digress.)


Red and blue micro glitter, silver holo micro bar glitter, and blue holo and white stars. This is two coats alone, no undies. This glitter is hungry and will require generous topcoat for smooooooothness.

Here is the debut of Wicked Polish Fifty Nifty. I dedicate this to all of you out there thinking, wow, so many red, white, and blue polishes…Americans must be super full of themselves. ¬†Some of us are…clearly, I just told you two stories about my childhood and sit here typing away, convinced you read them and cared. ¬†That’s pretty self centered.

In reality, we aren’t all self centered. There are millions of people serving our country, other countries, and families sacrificing their own comfort and safety for us. ¬†Self centered? Not a chance. ¬†This polish is for them. ¬†And, if I can get enough glitter, this polish might actually make it to my website in time for you to have it by Independence Day. If not, wear it any other day. I promise they are sacrificing 365 days a year. ¬†Can’t have enough country pride!


Wicked Polish: Harpy Herpes

Another slightly inappropriately named polish from the Wicked Whimsy collection of my Wicked Polish line.


Harpy Herpes has loads of sparkly, shimmery multi-colored holo glitter in a black jelly base.  Shown is one coat over a black creme polish with topcoat.

This will be released on http://www.wickedpolish.com when we finally close on this house and find a place to move…which theoretically should be in a week or so? Yikes.

Happy Polishing!

‚̧ Rylee

Wicked Polish: Stabbed By A Unicorn

Good afternoon!

Today I have Stabbed By A Unicorn, a polish from the Wicked Whimsy collection of Wicked Polish.  This polish will be available on http://www.wickedpolish.com at 6pm Pacific time!

Stabbed By A UnicornStabbed By A Unicorn is a mixture of large and medium white hexes, teeny white stars, and medium neon hexes in every color, all suspended in a clear, slightly pinky purple shimmer base.  Here I layered SBAU over Milani 3D Holographic nail color in HD, a large, somewhat scattered silver holo polish which I am in love with!

Stabbed By A Unicorn2

SBAU over Polish Me To Go Pretty Girls.  SBAU looks great over a variety of colors.  Over pastels, the neons still pop and you can see the stars and white hexes.  Over black, the neons are lighter, but still show, and the shimmery base creates a mesmerizing pink sparkle.

If you don’t get “Stabbed” tomorrow, you’ll have plenty more opportunities in the future!

‚̧ Rylee

Blacklight Rainbow Gradient Nailart

Oh, man. I had a blast with the glowy babies I received from Polish Me To Go!

GITD2So pretty. Some glow in the dark too!

GITD1I painted my nails white first and let them dry. Then I used a wedge latex makeup sponge to sponge two colors onto each nail in a rainbow!


Her polish is just so gorgeously glowy!

GITD6Then I played with the glitter I use to create Wicked Polish (www.wickedpolish.com)


My glitter, and therefore my polish, glows under blacklight!

GITD4I clearly had a lot of fun playing around…

WickedPolishGlowThis is Pox, Expired Pixie Dust, and Gangrene. ¬†They are currently sold out on my site as well as on Harlow and Co. (www.harlowandco.org), but they will be restocked soon! Go to facebook.com/wickedpolish and hit “like” so you can get updates about restock!

‚̧ Rylee