3D Stamping

*some products provided for review*

Howdy you guys…

Thank you all for following my blog! It’s been a long time and for that I’m sorry.  Between my job, my house, and Wicked Polish, I’ve let things slip.

I wanted to come back tonight to show you this fun stamp I did using Born Pretty Store’s stamp W-03, Pueen 15, a wedge makeup sponge (also from Born Pretty Store),  Zoya Ali and China Glaze Sunday Funday.



How fun is that, right? Looks like 3D!! Mr. WickedNails was like, WHAAA????

The secret to stamping is in the stamper. Mine I bought from MoYou London and I adore it. They have 3 and I own them all. The double ended one is my fave!

❤ ya! Rylee


Zoya Spam!

I have to show you some of the Zoya cremes I got during their annual Earth Day sale.  Enjoy!


Zoya Darcy is a lovely yellow creme. I had a lot of trouble evening the streaks out of this one, so this is three thick coats with Seche on top.


I had to wash my fingers out a bit to get the purple to be accurate, but I LOVE this in person! This is Zoya Kieko, two coats with Seche.


Here we have one of the Matte Velvet shades, which I grabbed because I have Phoebe and adore it!  This is Zoya Mitzi, and like most matte colors it went on a bit streaky but evened out in three thin, quick drying coats!

ZoyaRockyLove this one, Zoya Rocky.  Two easy coats and Seche.  I don’t usually like blue alone on my nails, but this is one I would wear by itself for sure!

ZoyaAliI saved the best for last. This is Zoya Ali, which I picked because it is hot pink (duh), and because Ali was my secret nickname with my best friend growing up!  It came from my middle name, which is Alison. Not so secret, I supposed, but we were little and cute!

I highly recommend going to Zoya’s website and just going crazy with their colors. They make the BEST cremes, perfect for nail art, gradients, stamping, and just wearing plain!

❤ Rylee

Nail Art: Rainbow Streaks

Some quick nail art I did this week, based on something else that failed miserably and turned into this creation!


I started with the pink at the cuticle and painted streaks up toward the tip with my thin detail brush.  I tried to spread them out so that the base of the streaks overlapped, but covered any bare spots left by the previous color.  Just in case you really want to know, I used OPI If You Moust You Moust, Zoya Arizona, Orly Lemonade, OPI Gargantuan Green Grape, Color Club Factory Girl, and Revlon Lily.

Hope you enjoyed this random mani!


Simple Nail Designs’ Dip Dye Nails!

I got this idea from Instagram, and found a YouTube tutorial for it as well.  Simple Nail Designs has a channel with short, quick, simple nail tricks that give you a great look, so I decided to try this Dip Dye Nail today.

I started with Orly Luxe, and layered stripes (kind of…check out the vid) in Zoya Purity, then Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet, then Sally Hansen Pacific Blue lightened with a little white, then Nabi Blue Away, and finally Sally Hanson Navy Baby.  I love this look soooo much! I can’t wait to try it in other colors, but had to start with blue for Mr. Wickednails.  I swear, everything he owns is blue.  Except his car, which he constantly talks about having painted blue.

These look so cute! Let me say what I always say too…if you try it and don’t love what it looks like, put a topcoat on it.  I wasn’t sure I did these right…but once the topcoat went on, they looked amazing.

One more pic for the road…these really were very easy to do, give them a shot!

Dip Dye Nails…now if only I could do my hair like this…


Nail Art: Rainbow Dots

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you might have noticed that during the summer months, spring months, fall months, and part of the winter, I am a sucker for neons/brights/rainbows/anything that reminds 90s kids of Lisa Frank.  So enjoy this next one…

Rainbow dots!  I used, from the base of the nail, CM Insatiable Passion, Orly Melt Your Popsicle (bottle shown), China Glaze Sun-Kissed, China Glaze I’m With The Lifeguard, Orly Skinny Dip, China Glaze Beach Cruise-R, and Orly Beach Cruiser (lol, right?). The base is Zoya Purity.

I love these. I can’t stop staring at my hands.  Sorry about all the watermarks, but I’m tired of people stealing my pics and taking out the watermark, and lord knows my rainbow nails have been stolen the most!  One more pic because I’m self-centered like that (isn’t that a requirement to be a blogger?!)

Yeah, buddy.